walecome to my COol Website !!! ^_^

me btw... if you care..

hey all.. im blopvlop.. this is my cool site that i made!

a lil bit of information about me self! i am...

  • an artist!
  • a streamer!
  • a youtuber!
  • a overall mischevious fellow...

anyways! this will be where i will be giving you the hot new updates and happenings in my life, so stay tuned for those :3

theres a little blog section! i will periodically update this with things that i want you to know ! wowie! i also fashioned together a RSS feed! imagine it as a timeline that YOU control what appears with ZERO algorithms, pretty nifty eh?

you can subscribe with the rss reader of your choice (try looking your browser extention store) by clicking on this!!! please!

IMPORTANT! if you dont see a new update to the website, try refreshing with CTRL + f5 or Shift + f5 to force ur browser to load the newest version of the site.