HELLO! as you may notice! the website has a new coat of paint on it! pretty cool huh? a neat new sidebar, a cool logo and some cool colours! wow!! (plz ignore how the website is no longer mobile friendly whoopsieeeee mwhweheheh).

if your on the hell hole side of the internet, you may hve noticed that the internet seems to be crumbling in our hands into a pile of man-made technological nightmare! so ! i decided to dust off this less horrifying technology ! think of it like a resort! away from , weird things.

anyways! as you may know, i had a preettyy long break from like may to june.. and now im in india. so theres an another break. SHOULDNT BE FOR TOO LONG! (hopefully) content creation and art's been GREAT! i feel like pavitr in spiderverse where hes like "being spiderman is so easy :DD" where then in the next lets say 2 months something evil and malevolent will happen. in terms off cc, the wobble dogs video has done comparedly pretty good! got me to pass 100 subs, and got nearly 500 VIEWS! thats insane! but like, im in india. so i cant edit to capitalise off of this momentum.. Oh Well :P

anyways! i hope you people dont mind my abscenses much! im planning to start using this website way more and less of twitter dot com, so make sure to keep updated on this site! ill probs update on other platfroms when new stuff happens on this site, so . um. yah ! ALSO !! let me know if accessibility on this site is bad! i wanna make sure you feel comfortable Reading what i say (say like if you cant read the fonts or there are weird colour choices)

in the future of this website, i wanna lift this out of neocities and on its own domain (like idk blopvlop.com) and make it the one stop shop for blovplop happenings and the such! i wanna be able to take comments from you all, so maybe ill set up like a email address dedicated for comments from my site. in the faaarrr faaarr future.. maybe ill make this the ONLY place where ill upload... sounds lonely though. Oh Well ! :p

OK BAI!!! (i would do like a ASCII heart but i cant use angle brackets)