oopsie.... i forgot to update this website

you havent really missed much ? i mean if for some reason if you need a recap of what happened since the last blog post

  • that wobbledogs video got like 17k views and got me to hit like 500 subs :D
  • my subsequent video got only 80 views
  • ive been doing some pretty middling streams,, started minecraft story mode
  • yea... thats it

wow i. i really havent been doing that much! ive been editing a lego island video ! i think its pretty funny, but knowing my luck it will probably get like. idk 2 views. dont caree..

hey hold on ! i could just. SHOW you a preview! yea! you ! website viewer! just for looking at my website you get a nice lil sneak peek!

what ? what do you mean the video is too "low quality"? this is 2008 , this is the PEAK of video quality

anyways yea! hopefully i get to do more cool stuff in 2024! on a genuine note, i am so creatively sapped when it comes to content creation rn. like i GENUINELY have no ideas for good projects plus apparently i need to get "a degree" and "need to study" LAME!!! .. and i wanna do COOL CONTENT CREATION PROJECTS! i need like a close group of friends that can do improv comeedy really well and we just do shit together.... hey who wants to start a new content creation group

actually, i say this, yet i refuse to interact with other content creators, im like the most inaccessible content creator out of most of my friends , most of my content creator pals like do cool shit and go on smps and shit and like do events no my ass stays in hardcore world, like who actually wants to watch blopvlop?? i have a feeling that 30% of you only watch me because ur other fav streamer isnt live..... WATCH ME!! WATCH ME ONLY!!

actually this reminds me , when i do fucking ask to join a project , NONE OF YOUR FAKE ASSES VOUCH FOR ME. I SEE YOU SAYING "ernn >w< vouch1!! they are so funny!!" to EVERY OTHER CONTENT CREATOR but then WHEN IIII do it. RADIO FUCKING SCILENCE. NOTHING. NADA. ZERO RETWEETS ZERO REPLIES!!!! do you. HATE ME!! (/hj im being silly about this but its a genuine thing thats happening to me,... my friends. are sooo unsupportive... le sigh...)

anyways ill try use this website more in the future.. i guess... maybe ill think "maybe this shouldnt be a tweet and should be a COOL BLOG POST!".. but who actually like. reads this. idk!!! if your reading this, like. say the phrase. uhh, umm.. oh say "blopvlop loves HTML"